Crown Imperial Painted Collection


This stunning textured painted door creates a stylish modern kitchen. Made from oak veneer that has been brushed to create a deep woodgrain finish - available in eighteen painted shades shown below.
    Apple Green                      Black                             Blue                          Brown Grey                 Brown Stone                  Green Blue                    Grey Green

         Light Grey                     Mid Blue                       Off White                       Pale Blue                       Pale Grey                   Pure Cream                   Pure White
             Red                        Stone Cream                  Stone White                      Vanilla


This elegant English style kitchen has a simple and classic appeal featuring deep moulded solid ash frames and centre panels. Available in a range of sophisticated paint colours shown below, that can be combined to create a bespoke kitchen feel.
      Apple Green                        Black                            Blue                        Brown Grey                 Brown Stone                 Green Blue                    Grey Green
        Light Grey                      Mid Blue                        Off White                       Pale Blue                      Pale Grey                  Pure Cream                     Pure White
            Red                         Stone Cream                  Stone White                     Vanilla


Midsomer is a collection of classic painted shaker doors. This traditional design has a solid oak frame with veneered centre panels. Available in a choice of subtle shades or complementary bold paint finishes shown below.
       Apple Green                    Black                               Blue                         Brown Grey                Brown Stone                  Green Blue                  Grey Green
      Light Grey                      Mid Blue                         Off White                       Pale Blue                       Pale Grey                    Pure Cream                   Pure White
             Red                        Stone Cream                  Stone White                      Vanilla


This classic in-frame design features the original appearance and style of the shaker movement. Made with a solid oak frame and a veneered centre panel. Choose from a range of beautifully painted neutral and rich tones shown below.
       Apple Green                       Black                             Blue                        Brown Grey                  Brown Stone                 Green Blue                   Grey Green
        Light Grey                       Mid Blue                      Off White                        Pale Blue                     Pale Grey                     Pure Cream                   Pure White
            Red                         Stone Cream                  Stone White                       Vanilla
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